About Us

from tribulations to timbers

In 2003 we bought our first sawmill so we could produce hardwood lumber from our own land. We milled for family and friends for several years realizing we greatly enjoyed turning our logs into useable material and building all sorts of projects with the lumber we created. In 2010 I was laid off from my full time job. I tried a couple different jobs but felt the Lord was telling us to use the sawmill to start a business, so we followed His lead. I contacted a friend in the logging industry and so was introduced to Joe Davison of Davison HQS, we formed a partnership and in 2014 RRAW Rough Cut Lumber was officially launched into business!
We greatly enjoy watching the creativity of our customers come alive using our lumber to create their custom, one of a kind piece.

RRAW Rough Cut Lumber, LLC. strives to produce the highest quality lumber at the lowest possible prices for all your hardwood lumber needs.